Friday, March 26, 2010


A news article to test the blogger template.
Taken from, Tuesday, 23-Mar-2010

Four motorists who tampered with their vehicles' petrol gauge were arrested at the Woodlands Checkpoint this month.

Singapore Customs said they caught three of them in the space of an hour on March 10. This was two days after a driving instructor was nabbed for the offence.

All four men were charged in court for not having the minimum amount of petrol in the fuel tank when attempting to leave Singapore, and giving false information.

Three were fined $500 and sentenced to two weeks' imprisonment each. One case is pending.

Singapore Customs said that since January, 17 people have been prosecuted for tampering with fuel gauges on their vehicles. Ten were convicted and received jail sentences and fines. The remaining seven have their cases still pending in court.

New Template, reduced font size

I'm now testing a new template, the Rouunders 3-column template.

I took the design from Blog Doctor site, and you too can find it here.

I applied it after saving my current template, a good back-up habit, applied the new template, then I thought of reducing the font font size of the articles to something smaller, so it would not be too glaring.

So this is it.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Final post using Semagic

I just remembered that I was trying to test Semagic blog post editor at home, and the problem I encountered is that when attaching pictures, it is actually looking for a place (a server, specifically) to store the picture. And if you don't have one, then attaching pictures don't work.

So Semagic blog post editor is stripped down to just being a text editor. If you are picture-oriented, this blog post editor is not for you, or at least, have a server for your pictures, then you have a full-feature blog post editor in Semagic.

Till then.

Test post using Semagic

Trying out Semagic.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

My first post – using Windows Live Writer

I am trying very hard to make the blog post editors to work. I was able to do it once, but since some errors were thrown out, now they don’t.

I tried w.bloggar, and it worked for a while.

I also tried Semagic, and it also was able to work for a while.

Somehow, when the java-related errors were thrown out, when it all started, then these two blog post editors no longer worked properly. So at this point, I am not testing the blog templates. I am testing the desktop blog post editors.

Anyway, for all times, java errors or none, what always worked is Windows Live Writer. At least for all of the free versions, Windows Live Writer is what works – this is the result of my testing.

Windows Live Writer. Online. Offline. Works all the time.